ARK Fishalot
R18 270,00
prices subject to change without notice

The FISHALOT is the newest exciting addition to ARKs fleet. Riding on the shoulders of the Fishduc's giant success we have evolved the Fishalot, with more buoyancy, longer boat and high performance tube shape thus satisfying the most demanding of our clients who wanted all the pros of the Fishduc's versatility but needed a bigger boat.

The Fishalot is now the most efficient boat anywhere, easily cruising for two hours at a speed of 15 knots with 5hp motor and three litres of fuel.

Fishalot is fitted with an adjustable seating system so you can choose the most comfortable seating position for you. Two seating options are available, wooden bench, or inflatable cushions and backrests The Fishalot is the ideal remote expedition boat, capable of travelling great distances on minimal fuel and still having space for loads up to 600kgs. Packed sized is 110 x 45 x 45 - small enough to fly in to any exotic location What you use it for is up to you but the options are endless. It's perfect for fishing or crayfishing, diving, as a runabout, exploring rivers and waterways. It is also suitable for commercial applications such as search and rescue, patrolling and wildlife management. The Fishalot is already the boat of choice for remote river explorations.


Boasting a sturdy 32-mm marine ply transom, the FISHALOT was principally designed to accommodate up to a 10hp engine. A choice of marine ply or our new drop-thread Airfloor. It's flat profile glides easily over the water and effective bailing system ensures you are ready for the next big wave. Like all of ARK's craft, the FISHALOT is durable and built to withstand extreme conditions.


  • Branding - full colour logos or standard lettering/numbering - you supply logos and artwork or let us do it for you

  • Additional carry handles

  • Additional D-rings for securing equipment

  • Material ARK can supply rafts in different fabric specifications for particular applications (e.g. Polyurethane, and Poly/PVC blends)

  • Colours other than those in the colour table above are possible dependent on availability